Friday, September 17, 2010


How familiar is this scene?

Hunger has set in and the stove looks like a daunting task, especially considering there's only you for lunch or dinner.

Fast food is tiring, expensive and not a reliable source -- not to mention lack of variety, nutrition and availability -- for vegans.

Perhaps, like myself, you also want to tell peanut butter, and it's counterpart, Jelly, to go take a hike for a while (but not too far -- I'd miss you).

Once every few weeks I take a trip to 'Ralph's Supermarket' to stock up on some vegan goodies that can't be found at my local store, 'Food-4-Less'.

I know what you're thinking; 'Ralph's is expensive!' -- and you're right. But you can also find more readily available organic produce and vegan products if you, like myself, don't feel like taking a drive downtown to your local natural foods center. Use your Ralph's club card for extra savings, too!

Yesterday's trip proved to be fruitful as I discovered 'Simply Asia' noodle bowls in 'Spicy Kung Pao' and 'Sesame Teriyaki' flavors (but be cautious and read the labels: not all their noodle bowls are vegan):

With my 'Ralph's' card I got two for $5.00 and the directions are ultra easy and quick.

So, for my lunch today I partook in a noodle bowl and accompanied it with two veggie spring rolls -- I buy an 18 pack box of 'Chung's Veggie Spring Rolls' for about $10.00 at 'Food-4-Less' (sometimes I can even find it cheaper) and it lasts quite a while (certainly more economical than buying them at a Chinese fast food place):

After devouring all those savory, spicy Asian flavors, for dessert I like to cool off with a little sweet by indulging in 'Turtle Trails' flavored soy frozen dessert by 'Purely Decadent': chocolate covered pecan pralines, caramel and vanilla -- ALL VEGAN (and I promise you that CANNOT tell it's not ice cream!), also found at 'Ralph's':

Of course I realize that making your own noodle stir-fry and spring rolls is likely more efficient and economical, but for those lonely lunches and dinners needing a quick fix, I find this to be the next best thing!

"Mànmàn chī!"(Mandarin Chinese) which roughly translates to happy eating!

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  1. I love those asian bowls...I keep a few on hand all the time, very yummy ;)